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The Monk - Dedicated to Australian Craft Beer
About us

Craft Beer in Australia is our Passion

Here at The Monk we're dedicated to Australian Craft Beer. Consider us your local Internet Beer Monk.

This website was established to offer Australian craft beer lovers a resource on where to drink craft beer, where to buy it (locally, online/delivered), or how to make it yourself.

Please note this website is not associated with The Monk, Fremantle, a business sadly affected by the COVID pandemic.

About us

About Australian Craft Beer

Craft Beer dates back to the 1960s when enterprising individuals began to brew their own unique beers.

As a hobby, brewing craft beer really took off in the 1970s, which is expected given this was the era of free love and partying.

Come the 1990s microbreweries began to emerge offering a range of unique craft beers for the local market.

As of today the craft beer industry has grown exponentially, with thousands of individual craft beer brewers and microbreweries.

In Australia you'll find some of the most astounding craft beers available on tap at local bars, sold at independent bottle shops, and even available to purchase online, delivered to your door.

Craft beer can, in modern times, be considered one of the best social hobbies for you to participate in, and here at The Monk we're here to point you in the right directions!

About us